Are you looking for tyre shop Pukekohe? Changing the tyre of cars and other vehicles is one of the essential things for vehicle maintenance. If you don’t change the tyres of your car after its expiry, it could create many problems for you as it may lead to an accident.

Therefore, you need to change the tyres to prevent any potential threat. The problem is that how you could find the best tyres and tyre shop Pukekohe. In this article, some tips are mentioned that can help you to find the most suitable tyres for your vehicle.

Below are the things that you must need to consider before buying tyres.

Tyre width

Before buying any tyre for your vehicle, you need to know about your driving style and the places where you will drive the car. The first three digits of the tyre tell you about the width of the tyre.

The tyres with more width mean that they will have more contact with the road and those tyres are much better for the wet and slippery roads. The wider tyres have more road grips, and you can easily drive on any road. The narrower tyres don’t provide much road grips, but they don’t create noise. 

It depends on you how you drive the car and whether the tyres are suitable for your driving style or not.

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Tyre age

You also need to check the manufacturing date of the tyres before buying them. The tyres are not only damaged when they are on the roads, but they can be damaged when they are stored. The tyres which are stored for a long time should not be preferred even when you can buy them in less money.

The tyres with the maximum age of 6 years are not recommended in any case. If you want to save yourself from any accident, you should only buy the tyres which are newly manufactured or from a well-reputed tyre shop.

Tread pattern

Another thing that you need to consider before buying a tyre is the “tread pattern”. The tyres come in mostly three patterns including symmetrical pattern, asymmetrical pattern and directional pattern. Every pattern has its own pros and cons, and you need to read about them before choosing the tyres for your car.

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Tyre shop or brand

When you visit the tyre market, you may find many tyre shops and brands in the market. You don’t need to rely upon any brand as it is the matter of your car and its safety. You need to choose the tyre shop Pukekohe that has made its reputation due to the quality of the tyres.