When we think of the cars and how do they work exactly, we probably start thinking about the complex mechanisms inside the car engine. But I believe this all begins with the man’s first ever invention and that is a wheel. I guess this is more important in making your car run and to generate a feeling of harmony while you are driving your car. We usually care about 2 wheel alignments of the cars but we never go into the details that why exactly is it so much important. Here in this read, we will go through some of the aspects of car’s alignment, why it is important and when exactly should we head towards a vehicle alignment expert?

Why vehicle loses alignment?

If you believe that you need a major collision for a vehicle or a car to lose its alignment, then you are certainly mistaken. This might take a minor moment that may even go unnoticed and later you may realize that your vehicle has lost its alignment. While driving over a pothole, or hitting a speed breaker or even while wheeling out of excitement your vehicle may become misaligned. Tires can also lose alignment slowly and gradually over a period of time. So once you start feeling a loss of harmony in your smooth drive, it is time to rush towards an expert.

Calibration of wheel alignment

The calibration of car wheel alignment may be calibrated on three major parts called camber, caster and toe. This involves standing of your car on inner or outer posture. Caster measures whether your car is standing on its heels or on its toes. Finally the toe measures whether your car is balanced or duck footed. Even a fraction of any of these problems can cause problems ranging from complications in automatic transmission, tire excessive wear, jumping and even up to the harder to control your car.

When alignment is needed

As a rule of thumb, it is better to get checked the wheel alignment in every other fuel change. The expert will conduct a couple of computer tests to check whether your car is well aligned or misaligned. Some of the signs involved may be when your car pulls to one side, your steering wheel doesn’t stay constant, if you see more tire wear especially on your front wheels, and finally if you feel a vibration in your steering wheel while driving. Get ready, it is time to get your vehicle checked for alignment.