Most of the people who have their cars know how to use a clutch. But the surprising thing is that they don’t know how the clutch plate works. Maybe you mechanic knows everything about your car. But it is your car, and you should also know how all these things work. It is good that your car must have services on a regular basis. But should be aware of the operation of your clutch system. It is important because if you see any warning or problem, you should do something to alter it; otherwise, it might get worse.

If you look at the gearbox of your car, it has two rotating shafts. The motor drives one shaft, and the other one is driven by a separate device. The purpose of the clutch is to combine these two shafts in one so that they can work together and spin at the same time. Clutch also has the ability to detach them so that they can spin at different speeds. 

If we talk about the motor vehicle, the clutch is used to connect both shafts of the vehicle that are connected to the wheels and engine. If the revs of your engine are fast, you need more adjustments for your wheel when you engage a different gear. 

Maybe this process is more complex than the explanation that is provided here, but now, you have an idea of what is going within your car when you change the gear. It will not be changed, whatever the car you are driving, whether it is automatic or manual, the basic rules of these working remain the same. 

That’s why the clutch of your car is considered the most important element when you are running. For that purpose, you should know about the signs and warnings when your clutch needs your attention. 

In most cases of car maintenance, the mechanic of your car is the only person that understands the working of the clutch and prevents them from damaging your car system. But we have discussed a lot in this post about the clutch plate. Now you also get the idea of what you should do if your car system started to misbehave.