Finding a replacement for an inter cooler could be a tough task if you don’t know your way around. To start with, it is important to identify the type of inter cooler you have in your car. Inter coolers are available in three types: air-to-air, air-to-water, and water-to-water.

Air to air is what standard cars would usually come with. Air passes through the inter cooler and gets heated up by ambient temperature before being released out of the car’s exhaust systems. The heat exchanges are located on both sides of the radiator engine bay area; one side heats up while one side cools down by cycling a fan either way across them.

What are important things anyone needs to know?

1. Performance of inter cooler

The inter cooler’s efficiency depends on the size, shape, location, and type. The better it is, the more potential power your car will have.

2. Late model and high-performance versions:

Additional parts may require you to buy more than just an inter cooler for your car. This will affect both mileage and horsepower in your car. It also depends on how much power you want to achieve with your car. If you are running a high-performance supercharged engine, then you would need an inter cooler with higher capacity to prevent premature wear and tear on the muffler or other vital engine or other vital parts due to overheating caused by excessive compression of air within the engine’s chambers.

Replacement of an intercooler

3.Symptoms of a faulty inter cooler:

One or both sides of your car’s engine are functioning poorly, creating a rattling sound. The steering wheel vibrates heavily when the air conditioner or the fans are on.

4. Fixing or replacing?

There is no question about it – an inter cooler, if badly damaged, really needs to be replaced to prevent permanent damage to other engine parts. The most damage you can do to the engine if your car’s inter cooler is damaged is your car won’t perform properly as it heats up.

The coolant temperature will climb, thus leading to numerous problems such as severe engine overheating and even complete engine failure. Therefore, when you find that your inter cooler is severely damaged, you should consider having it replaced instead of trying to fix it yourself.


Replacement of an inter cooler is vital if you want your engine to function properly. Many parts are involved in the design and construction of an inter cooler. Spending money on a replacement is well worth it for your car’s performance.

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