Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever, including mobile column lifts.

As a workshop owner, it is very important that you know the condition of all of your equipment and budget for replacing equipment when necessary. Having equipment that works efficiently and can handle the required loads is the first step in creating a safe and secure working environment.

But how do you know when equipment needs to be replaced? In this article, we’ll provide some of the top warning signs that may serve as indicators that your mobile column lift needs to be replaced.

You Don’t Trust It

Whether it’s because the equipment has been acting up recently or you’ve been having definitive issues with it, if you feel a level of distrust when it comes to your lifting equipment, this is definitely a very bad sign.

It Is Over 25 Years Old

If your mobile lifts have been extremely well-maintained throughout their lifespan, you may be able to squeeze more than 25 years out of them without an issue. But most times, equipment over a decade old should be upgraded.

mobile column lift

The Maximum Capacity Is Not Enough To Lift Most Of Your Clients’ Cars

Is the maximum lifting capacity lower than the average weight of your clients’ vehicles? Then, it is time to get an upgrade before your clients start going elsewhere with their business.

You Constantly Have To Repair It

Your mobile column lift should not need constant repairs. If this is the case, then something major could be wrong, and it may be easier and more affordable to upgrade.

Obvious Wear And Tear

If you notice cracking and other telltale signs of wear and tear, you may want to get a professional in to tell you if there is anything to worry about and if you could benefit from an upgrade.

Don’t Take The Risk

Continuing to work with lifting equipment that you know may be faulty, old or deteriorating comes with many risks. You could cause damage to a client’s car or potentially injure one of your employees. The risk is simply not worth it.

Have you been considering replacing your current lifting equipment but are not too sure where to buy new mobile column lifts? Here at MAHA AU, we have a wide range of mobile column lifts for you to choose from, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at 1800 006 242.