If you’re near Brisbane or Gold Coast and need a mobile roadworthy or mobile safety certificate, there are travelling mechanics who can visit your premises.

As a resident of state capital, if you’re wanting forward to sell your vehicle or conceive to re-register an existing vehicle in Queensland, owning a security certificate is of supreme importance. Failure to obtain an Australian state road certificate would cause you to be vulnerable to an important fine. At mobile safety certificate Brisbane, we provide mobile safety certificates to people who have little available time to bring their vehicle to our workshop. At your desired place or spot of convenience, our professional team of mechanics visits you and inspects any type of road vehicle to work out its merit. So, whether you own a car, motorcycle, truck, a dog/pig trailer, horse floats, scooters, tricycles, 4WDs, motorhomes, fifth wheeler or caravans; we can examine your vehicle, followed by providing you with a legitimate mobile safety certificate promptly if it passes the inspection.

A mobile safety certificate in Brisbane is a tool for getting one’s vehicle on road. If you know you need a certificate for your vehicle, reach out to a mobile inspector. All our technicians are ever willing to answer all of your queries throughout the examination process and we ensure your vehicle is fit to drive safely. Inspections are available for every kind of road vehicle and for different makes and models.

It is illegal to sell your vehicle without an automotive or motorbike roadworthy Brisbane. Heavy vehicles require inspections as well either for a HVRAS or Certificate of Inspection. In Queensland, you need to show a road certificate in a very visible spot in your vehicle if you have it up for sale. Placing it on the screen or window is enough before you can begin to advertise the vehicle for sale. Failure to comply with this law may result in a $550 fine and a great inconvenience for you and potential buyers.

The key parts inspected by Brisbane vehicle inspectors during a mobile examination service include:

  • Tires
  • Steering
  • Suspension
  • Lights & Electrical parts
  • Body rust or harm
  • Brake parts
  • Body & Chassis
  • Engines & Drivelines
  • Windscreen
  • Exhaust emissions
  • Side Mirrors
  • Bumpers
  • Dry Batteries

Our mobile roadworthy inspectors offer an easy, reliable service and can deliver an intensive report, distinctive from any risks or problems. For private, small vehicle sellers, Safety Certificates / Roadworthy Certificates are valid for 2 months or 2,000 kilometers (whichever happens first). For a dealer, the time-frame is extended to 3 months.

For a motorcycle, you’re needed to show a certificate in an exceedingly conspicuous place, like the forks or front guard. It is extremely vital that you simply have your completed Safety Certificate card displayed in a plain place on the bike. For other vehicles, having it displayed in one of the windows where it can all be clearly seen will do. Failing to try to this might end in a $550 on the spot fine from the Police or Australian state Transport.