Looking for Graaff brakes everyone is aware of the working of car brakes. It is the main part of your car that stops your car wherever you want. Whether you choose Graaff brakes or traditional brakes, you always need a reliable braking system to run your auto. The system slows down the speed of your car and finally stops it wherever you wish to stay.

The brakes work with force and put pressure on the pedal to stop your engine. Care brakes work with force and handle any size and type of vehicle. You stay confident, as you don’t lose control over your car. This is the vital part of your car that you can’t skip at all. Therefore, the brakes work with full power and never disappoint you.

Graaff Brakes:

Indeed, brakes work with the friction that ultimately helps to stop your vehicle with static friction. Let’s take a look at some important types of car brakes. Here are the types of brakes!

Graaff Brakes

Drum Brakes

The drum brakes create friction to control the speed of your car. It works using pads that travel through a cylindrical drum. You can easily stop a running car using this best Brake Booster. The system was introduced by Louis Renault in 1902. The system is based on mechanical parts, cable, and a lever. The maintenance of this brake is higher when compared to other types.

With the passage of time, the brakes were replaced by disc brakes due to the failure. In modern cars, drum cars are hardly available, but you can still find some examples. The system has been replaced by a disc brake and that’s the key advantage of choosing this brake system.

Disc Brakes

Next on the line is the disc brake. It also works as a shoe or pad against a motor. It is made of cast iron and connected to the wheel. It stops the car quickly in motion. You can slow down the fast-moving car with ease. Brake pads work great to control the speed of a vehicle and it was introduced too early, but the trend of using this brake started late. Further, brake repair is also not required in this particular type.

Parking Brakes

A parking brake is also a common type of brake fitted in every car. It keeps the car in sill position whether you park on a hilly surface or plain road. These are quite different from Graaff brakes, but you have to need this for your vehicles.