Company car finance Gold Coast is a type of financing similar to renting a car. You don’t own the vehicle but use it as if you do and only pat for usage and taxed on your payments only. One of the purposes of this kind of car financing is to allow a company to buy a more expensive car at a lower monthly payment. That is done by paying for usage over a given term. Another purpose if car financing is to classify the vehicle payment as an expense so it can be tax-deductible. The same is applicable for associated vehicle-related expenses like gas, insurance, maintenance and repairs.

After car financing, the company or business can either return or buyout the car. If a company returns a vehicle, the car dealer will sell it and will generally earn a profit after the sale. However, the buyout amount of the car is pre-determined at the beginning of the financing. The amount can vary from one manufacturer to another.

Car Financing Restrictive Factors

Car Buyout

There are several restrictive parts of car financing. One, the company can’t just sell the care to someone else. It must first buyout the vehicle from the dealer before selling it; otherwise, the company can be subjected to some penalties. Alternatively, different sites cater to companies that wish to get rid of their car financing by swapping them or transferring to someone else. That usually allows businesses to avoid buying out a lease or waiting until the end of the term to return the car.

Credit Score

Just like any other type of financing, car financing is based on an approval process tied closely to your credit score. If you’ve a higher credit rating, you generally qualify for financing and at favorable rates. On the other hand, a poor credit score can lead to your financing being rejected and perhaps the availability of only sub-prime rates. Car financing is based on an approval process tied closely to your credit score. With a higher credit score, you generally qualify for leases and better rates. By contrast, a poor credit rating can result in your lease application being denied and perhaps the availability of only sub-prime rates.

For businesses that want to get any financing, most financial institutions require that you have been in business for at least two years. That allows them to verify your earnings for those two years. However, that may vary from country to country and from one financing company to another.


So, it’s important to remember all these when looking for company car financing Gold Coast. Also, you should first check your credit scores at the nearest credit bureaus. If your scores are not bad, you can easily get financed to get the car you want for your business needs.